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The IRWM Group has successfully completed over $151 million in projects (structural) and programs (non-structural) in implementation activities since formation, utilizing a combination of Local, State, and Federal grant funding opportunities to improve water resources management across the region. A few prominent examples of these implementation efforts are as follows:

Click here for a list of the locations of these projects and affected program areas around the Poso Creek region. A list of all implemented projects and programs by the group since its formation can be found here.
Projects and programs are always being considered by the RWMG in context to the IRWM Group’s goals and objectives, and conditions as stated in the latest version of the IRWM Plan or IRWM Plan Update. Agencies, organizations, and individuals located within or associated with the Poso Creek region are always welcome to submit projects and programs for consideration by the group. To do so, please complete and submit the Project Definition and Characterization Form (PDCF), found here. The Poso Creek IRWM Group uses a unique process for assessing project and program submissions, ensuring that submissions of all types are thoroughly considered as they apply to specific funding opportunities thereby increasing the likelihood of inclusion in group planning and implementation activities.