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To maintain compliance with regional planning guidelines (DWR) the Poso Creek IRWM Group has defined a set of Regional Goals, indicating the highest level priorities regional planning and implementation activities. These goals are meant to express the groups’ interests in addressing agricultural, municipal, social, economic, and environmental concerns in the region. Furthermore, the IRWM Group defined the following Measurable Objectives as a means of accomplishing the Regional Goals and to identify projects and programs suitable for implementation to meet the regional priorities of the IRWM Group.
All projects and programs submitted to the RWMG for consideration are required to provide a preliminary assessment of consistency with the goals and objectives linked above. In most cases, the IRWM Group only considers submissions that illustrate a clear link, either quantitatively (preferred) or qualitatively, between one or more of these goals and objectives and the potential benefits of project or program implementation.
For more information on development of the Goals and Objectives by the IRWM Group, please review the IRWM Plan document(s) available here.


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