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The Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Group consists of three defined participant groups: the Regional Water Management Group (RWMG) as a governing group comprised of regional water management districts, regional Stakeholders, and all other Interested Parties (landowner public, local communities, etc.). The participants in these groups are shown below:

Regional Water Management Group (RWMG)
Interested Parties

Semitopic Water Storage District

North kern Water Storage Storage District

Cawelo Water District

Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District

Kern-Tulare Water District

Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District

Norht West Kern Resource Conservation District

Disadvantage Community (DAC) Representative2

Southern San Joadquin Municipal Utility District






















Rosedale-Rio Brave Water storage District

Buena Vista Water Storage District

Lost Hills Utility District

California Dept. of Water Resources (DWR)

US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR)

Kerm County Water Agency (KCWA)

Kern National Wildlift Improvement District

Semitropic Wildlife Improvement District

Friant Water Users Authority

Bishop Acres Mutual Water Company

Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners

Cities and Unincorporated Communities

City of Delano

City of McFarland

City of Shafter

Community of Earlimart

Community of Lost Hills

Commuity of Madonna

Community of Pond

Community of North Shafter

Community of South Shafter, including Smith's Corner, Thomas Lane, Cherokee Strip, Burbank, Mexican Colony, and Southwest Shafter

Pond Union School District

Semitropic School District

Maple Elementary School

Shafter Farm Labor Camp

Rodriguez Farm Labor Camp


Kathy Wood-McLaughlin, Tulare Basin Watershed Coordinator

Carole Combs, Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners

Southern San Joaquin Munipical

Utility District

Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District



US Dept. of Agriculture: Natural Resource Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS)

Fresno State University: California Water Institute

Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority

Kern County Board of Supervisors

County of Kern Engineering Services

California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Paramount Farms

Community Water Center

Mathew Hurley, Angiola Water District
Denise Akins, County of Tulare

All other miscellaneous public interest, including landowners, environmental advocacy groups, private/public organizations, etc.