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Many parts of Poso Creek region are considered “economically disadvantaged” based on a comparison of the statewide median household income ($60,883 for 2016 -2010 based on ACS Census data) to the population-weighted average household income level for the region (approximately $30,294 or around 50% of statewide value). To that extent many of the region’s cities, communities, and areas are classified by the State of California as “disadvantaged communities” or DACs.
DACs in the region are directly represented in the IRWM Group through a DAC Representative, an elected member of the governing RWMG who addresses the issues and needs of these areas. Moreover, the DACs are represented by a DAC “Work Group” consisting of individual participants from the following identified groups or communities:

Disadvantaged Communities (DACs)



Blackwells Corner



Unincorporated Areas West of Delano



Lost Hills



Pond School District

Poplar Avenue Community


Rodriguez Labor Camp

Semitropic School District


South Shafter (Smith's Corner, Thomas Lane, Cherokee Strip, Burbank, Mexican Colony, South Shafter)

Sierra Vista




The IRWM Group gives substantial consideration to the issues and needs of these DACs during all regional planning and implementation activities. Furthermore, the DACs are represented by Self-Help Enterprises (SHE), a non-profit entity that provides technical services and support for families and communities to compete for resources in lower socioeconomic areas. The IRWM Group has worked closely with SHE for many years to identify DAC concerns and to promote potential solutions, either as standalone projects or programs or as a component of IRWM grant submissions.

Click here for a map of the identified DACs in the Poso Creek Region.

For more information on the involvement of the IRWM Group regarding regional DAC issues and needs please use the following to the DAC Representative:
Frank Ohnesorgen, Superintendent/Principal of Pond School District - Phone (661) 792-2545 - E-mail: