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Tulare Lake Storage and Floodwater Protection Project Location




Delta Benefits

New surface water storage lessens demands on the Delta during environmentally critical periods and allows DWR to export and regulate surplus Delta flows for storage in the Semitropic Groundwater Bank when available.  DWR can exchange recovered water for release from Lake Oroville on the Feather River, Shasta Lake on the Sacramento River, or Millerton Lake on the San Joaquin River, where water could provide ecosystem benefits on the tributary and in the Delta.

Water Supply Reliability Benefits

Semitropic will capture 81,000 to 120,000 acre-feet of Tulare Lake Basin floodwaters that now wash away as runoff and cause flooding.

Ecosystem & Recreation Improvements

  • Periodically create up to 10,270 acres of shallow open water habitat along the Pacific flyway.
  • Benefits a range of fish species in the Delta and affected tributaries.
  • Attracts waterfowl and other wetland species and provides recreational opportunities.

Water Quality Improvements

Importing Sierra Nevada surface water to the California Aqueduct can increase the quality of SWP deliveries.

Flood Control Benefits

The diversion of floodwaters to the Project will reduce local flooding to agricultural lands and communities surrounding Tulare Lake.  

Emergency Response

Recovered banked water can meet critical water needs in the event of a disruption of Delta exports.