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Semitropic customers enjoy some of the lowest irrigation water rates in Kern County. The board of directors establishes water rates each November through an open process. Water rates are determined by a number of factors, including costs for providing services, infrastructure maintenance and improvements, and energy.

“As of February 29, 2024, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced its 2024 initial allocation of 15 percent.”

2024 Rates

Contract water SWP $84.00 per acre-foot
Contract water Variable $70.00 per acre-foot
Non-contract water (winter/summer/allocated)
$191.00/$193.00/$195.00 per acre-foot
In Canal Pumping Credit-
Energy ($7.00)
In Canal Pumping Credit - O&M SID ($3.00)
Average Ground Water Electrical costs $221.36
Contract Area - Total of direct and indirect (100% Allocation) $194.83
Indirect District Charges on Tax Bill 139.40/3.5= 39.83
All charges above assume application of 3.5 af per acre
Winter = November - April Summer = May - October

Contract water:
Contract water is an amount of State Project Water (typically three to three and a half acre-feet) that has been contracted by a landowner and must be applied to a specific parcel of land. The amount available in any year depends on the amount allotted by the California Department of Water Resources. Contract water is nontransferable — it must be applied to the specific parcel of land identified in the contract, regardless of ownership.

Non-contract water:
Unlike contract water, non-contract water is available only in average or wet years (years when there is abundant rainfall). Because the availability of non-contract water is dependent upon the amount of surplus water available, deliveries may be terminated at any time if surplus supplies diminish.

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One acre-foot is equal to 12 inches of rain on one acre of land, or 325,851 gallons of water – enough water to supply two families of four for an entire year.